08 February, 2024

Bristow takes major step towards the next generation of coast guard search and rescue aviation services in Ireland

Bristow granted Air Operators Certificate following detailed assessment by Irish Aviation Authority Certificate award is next step towards seamless transition to a new, innovative Coast Guard search and rescue aviation service for Ireland
Bristow Ireland Limited, a subsidiary of Bristow Group Inc, the leading global provider of innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions, has received its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), marking a significant step towards the next generation of Coast Guard search and rescue aviation services in Ireland.

"Gaining an AOC is a fundamental requirement to provide search and rescue in Ireland," said Neil Ebberson, Bristow Director of Government Services. "It was awarded after the successful completion of a lengthy application and assessment process run by the IAA and ensures the highest standards of professionalism and safety are met in the country."

To gain AOC approval, Bristow Ireland was required to demonstrate that its AW189 aircraft will meet the Irish regulator's requirements for safe and compliant operations; submit detailed documentation to show that it can safely manage continued airworthiness; demonstrate that it can safely operate the AW189 to the required standards; and carry out a proving flight with the AW189 in Ireland.

Ebberson added: "With more than 75+ years of global experience to draw on, our Ireland team demonstrated that we have the experience, skills, and capabilities to operate to the standards the IAA demands for an Air Operator Certificate.

"The next phases of preparation for this critical new service are well in hand. TOEXCEL Ireland Limited - who are our fixed-wing partners - are working in parallel for the award of a fixed-wing AOC, which will in turn enable us to deliver the capability enhancements. We are looking forward to reporting more progress as we move towards the initial transition to the new service in late 2024."

Bristow now has Air Operating Certificates covering 11 jurisdictions.