02 November, 2023

China Eastern to increase weekly international and regional flights

China's civil aviation sector has implemented its new flight schedule for the 2023-2024 winter-spring season starting from October 29, 2023. China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) plans to operate 3,076 passenger flights on a daily basis in the new flight season, and also increase its seat capacity to 24.84 billion passenger kilometres per month. Meanwhile, its number of international and regional flights, is expected to reach 1,084 per week.

Flights of China Eastern are going to cover 246 domestic and international destinations during the new flight season, including 181 domestic destinations, six regional destinations, and 59 international destinations, according to the airline.

The company disclosed that its number of Shuttle Service and quasi-Shuttle Service routes will reach 41, and the daily number of flights on these routes will stand at about 404 in the new flight season.

China Eastern will also continue to open new international routes and resume international flights on previous routes during the new flight season.

The airline plans to launch new routes, including routes connecting Shanghai and Cairo; Shanghai and Vientiane; Hangzhou and Auckland; Hangzhou, Sydney, and Auckland; Wenzhou and Madrid; Jinan and Sydney; as well as Beijing Daxing International Airport and Haneda Airport.

The airline has resumed international flights on routes between Shanghai and San Francisco; Shanghai and Brisbane; Shanghai and Nagasaki; Yanji and Inchon; Xi'an, Qingdao, and Inchon; Hohhot, Kunming and Yangon on Oct. 29.

It will also resume flights on more international routes, including routes between Shenzhen and Bangkok and between Lanzhou and Bangkok in late November this year.

It's worth noting that in-flight Wi-Fi service will be available on all 100 plus wide-body aircraft of the airline during the winter-spring flight season. Passengers can choose to purchase different Wi-Fi service plans according to their needs, including standard plan for the entire flight, premium plan for the entire flight, and exclusive discounted plan for members.

The airline has upgraded its Wi-Fi technology to ensure stable connections for passengers throughout the flight. On routes where Wi-Fi service is available, passengers can connect to the Internet after takeoff, without having to wait for the plane to reach cruising altitude.