09 September, 2023

Fledgling Northern Pacific Airways to change its name to New Pacific Airlines......

The new long-haul airline that has been operating a few short-haul flights for less than 60 days under the banner of Northern Pacific Airways is now seeking approval to change its name.  It now wants to be called New Pacific Airlines.

Rob McKinney, the carrier's CEO said "New Pacific’s updated name symbolizes our brand’s bold and decisive pivot. The word ‘new’ speaks to modern-day navigators driven by both purpose and aspiration, where the romance and grandeur of the Pacific Ocean meet the heart of exploration and discovery. Our home is in the majestic landscapes of Alaska and we continue to draw inspiration from the people of our great state. We would like to welcome you to New Pacific, where every flight is an opportunity to experience the world anew" 

He didn't say how much the name change will cost the airline which will continue its limited operations without interruption. However, it is likely to cost around $20,000 according to some in the aircraft livery industry. Whilst the airline didn't mention the real reason for the change in the press release or on its website, but follows a legal dispute with BNSF Railway who hold the trademark for Northern Pacific.

The newly chosen name, New Pacific Airlines may also prove problematic, Pacific Airlines already exists, it is a low-cost airline in based at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and majority owned by Vietnam Airlines.  Going back further in time, there was Pacific Air Lines that operated between 1958 and 1968. And, Fiji Airlines was previously known as Air Pacific. 

"It doesn't take long before something new becomes old and then what?" Asked Air101's editor Jason Shaw.