12 September, 2023

Cathay Pacific to return to Sri Lanka

Hong Kong’s home airline will operate three non-stop flights per week from Colombo to Hong Kong from 2 February 2024

Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong-based airline, has confirmed it will restart flights between its home base and Colombo starting 2nd February 2024. 

After a hiatus of four years, Cathay Pacific is set to soar Sri Lankan skies once again, serving valued local customers and continuing its commitment to connecting people across the globe. Cathay Pacific is returning with its Airbus A330 aircraft.  The aircraft is configured in a two-cabin-class layout with 293 seats, comprising 28 in Business class, and 265 in Economy.

The resumption marks the revival of a long-standing aviation partnership between Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. For both business and leisure travellers, the flights will serve as a gateway, offering exceptional connectivity via Hong Kong to the Chinese Mainland, North America, Northeast Asia, and the Southwest Pacific. 

As Sri Lanka continues to welcome a growing number of leisure and business travellers, while recognising the diversity of Colombo's travellers, Cathay Pacific is gearing up to embark on a new chapter of connectivity, convenience, and customer satisfaction. 

Anand Yedery, Regional Head of Customer Travel and Lifestyle, South Asia, Middle East and Africa said: “This is an important occasion as we announce the relaunch of flights from Colombo. Cathay Pacific’s return not only signifies our commitment to our customers, but also showcases the vital role Sri Lanka plays in our network. 

“In the past few years, we have invested in our product and inflight experience, including the dining menu, entertainment and more. We are excited to have our customers experience these service enhancements, convenient connections to key destinations worldwide such as Melbourne and Toronto, and our intermodal air-to-sea ferry options for travel into the Greater Bay Area. We look forward to welcoming Sri Lankan travellers aboard our flights and delivering a journey that exceeds their expectations.” 

In addition to passenger services, Cathay continues to play a significant role in the economy by supporting local industries and connecting them to the world through its air cargo services. Cathay Cargo’s expertise ensures vital goods reach their destinations swiftly and securely, re-enforcing its brand ethos – “We Know How”.

Customers can book their tickets on the Cathay Pacific website or through the airline’s travel partners. ​ Additionally, for travel before February, they can choose to fly with our interline partners via Bengaluru, India and onwards to their preferred destination.

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