21 September, 2023

Air Lease Corporation leases an Airbus A330-200 jet to HiSky

Aircraft leasing giant,  Air Lease Corporation has confirmed the long-term lease of one Airbus A330-200 aircraft to HiSky.  ALC is scheduled to deliver the plane to the European carrier in 2023, and this A330-200 aircraft joins one A319-100, four A320-200s and two A321-200neo LR aircraft currently on lease to HiSky from ALC.

"We are pleased to continue our support of HiSky Europe with the lease of this first widebody aircraft to the airline,” said David Beker, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Head of Aircraft Sales & Trading at Air Lease Corporation. “After two and a half years of steady and successful growth with their all-ALC narrowbody fleet, HiSky came to us ready to launch widebody operations and ALC is delighted to provide high-quality aircraft that will enable the carrier to realize their commercial objectives."

"Over the past two years, we've experienced consistent growth that has brought us to this pivotal moment—the moment when we are prepared to acquire our first widebody aircraft. We've now become the fourth-largest air carrier at Romania's primary airport and the largest operator of Airbus aircraft registered in Romania. Our partnership with ALC has undeniably proven to be a successful one. The aircraft they have provided us have been instrumental in helping HiSky achieve record-breaking passenger levels during this summer season. Having accomplished all the goals we set for ourselves over the years, we're profoundly grateful for the trust and support of our partners as we embark on this exciting new venture,” said Iulian Scorpan, CEO of HiSky.

The wide-body, Airbus A330-200 has a flight range of over 13,400 km, will be the first of its type registered in Romania. HiSky thus becomes the only Romanian airline operating regular long courier flights, after more than 20 years. Through this strategic acquisition, the company enters the select gallery of top operators, which carry out direct flights from any point in Europe to the American continent as well as to distant destinations in Asia, such as China or Thailand. The announcement of the company's capabilities expansion with a wide-body aircraft comes just six months after another first was brought by HiSky to the Romanian market, the introduction of two, brand new, A321 neo aircraft into operation. The first HiSky flight with the Airbus A330 will be operated by the end of 2023.

The addition of an aircraft with a flight autonomy exceeding 14 hours to HiSky's fleet will eliminate the need for stopovers at major European airports on flights departing from Romania to distant destinations, thus providing more flexibility and freedom in travel options.

HiSky is recruiting pilots and flight attendants

HiSky, one of the main airline operators on the Romanian market, announces the launch of an extensive recruitment process for flight crew. The airline is opening several positions for pilots and flight attendants, who will join the company's team, in the operational base in Bucharest. As part of the campaign, this month, HiSky representatives will organize events in several cities of the country. Thus, applicants will be able to attend interviews in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Oradea, Baia Mare and Iași.

The element of novelty that this recruitment campaign brings is represented by the level of experience requested. Thus, in addition to the experienced certified pilots, which the company is looking for, HiSky maintains its promise to invest in the professional training and training of novice pilots. Aviation school graduates without a significant number of flight hours, with or without a type rating, are expected to apply for a position that will provide them with the training they need in order to advance their career.

"We are a young company, and from the beginning we wanted to do more than just occupy a place in the market. We want bring our own contribution, and in terms of the job market in this very specialized field, we have chosen to give a chance to talented and passionate pilots, but who are still at the beginning of this road. It is an investment we are willing to make, to be part of the solution. One of the reasons why there is such a shortage of staff is precisely this, very few airlines allocate the necessary resources to train staff. There are hundreds of young people who, with great financial sacrifices, obtain their pilot's license only to later not find a job. We have already been applying this strategy with great success for several years. Most of the best co-pilots we have today, came to us with very few hours of experience, but with a lot of talent and the desire to build. We are already recognized in the market as having some of the best pilots and the fact that they were trained by us makes us even more proud. The main criterion for a pilot to join our team is professionalism, so I hope to meet professionals at any career level at the interviews," said Iulian Scorpan, CEO of HiSky.

The investment in staff training is assumed by the company for flight attendants also. Thus, anyone who wants to start a career in the field is invited to the interview, even if they haven’t held such positions before or have not attended training courses. After completing the recruitment process, the company will provide the selected candidates, free of charge, with all the necessary training and instruction courses, which will be carried out in an accredited European aviation school.

The first step for those looking to become a HiSky pilot or flight attendant is to submit a CV to crewapplication@hisky.aero. Selected candidates will be contacted by company representatives to schedule an interview.