24 August, 2023

Ryanair to open base in Copenhagen in December 2023

Ryanair, the budget airline has confirmed it will expand in Denmark by opening a 2 aircraft base at Copenhagen from December 2023. This expasion will create 100 direct positions and many more indirectly.

Ryanair is already Copenhagen’s No. 3 airline operating 20 routes and carrying 2.3million  passengers a year.  This new 2 aircraft base will allow Ryanair to offer its unbeatable low fares to Danish citizens and visitors in direct competition to the finacially strained SAS.    

Ryanair’s winter ’23 schedule to/from Copenhagen offers 24 routes, with 4 exciting new destinations to Dusseldorf, Faro, Paris and Warsaw, and increased frequencies to Gdansk and Krakow.

The low-fare high-fee airline says it expects to operate from Copenhagen’s low-cost “CPH GO” pier. At the announcement the carrier took a swipe at the the airport and the Danish authorities demanding they lower fees and charges which its claims arte hampering recovery efforts. 

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said the new base:  "Represents a further $200m investment by Ryanair in the recovery of air traffic and tourism in Copenhagen, which continues to lag behind its pre-Covid volumes. Ryanair believes this is because the high airport fees and the high fares being charged by NAS and SAS which hampers recovery of Danish traffic and tourism."

Never one to shy away from a publicity stunt, the racist leader of the carrier even donned a horned helmet for the announcement despite there being no evidence that viking warriors ever used helmets with horns.