31 July, 2023

United adding flights for US College Football matches...

The U.S. mega-carrier United is adding 127 new, nonstop flights to help college football fans get to a match this season. 

According to the airline, more than 50,000 fans flew with them last year to various iconic college football towns across the country and this year, United wants to help even more cheer on their favourite team - or indeed teams! 

"We're committed to providing a best-in-class travel experience for our customers, whether they're travelling around the globe, or flying to see their favourite college football team play," said Patrick Quayle, Senior Vice President of Global Network Planning and Alliances. "We're pleased to deliver a schedule this season that makes it easy for fans to come together and support their teams on the road."

The airline has added more flights and will be flying larger planes to select cities for the following games:

Sept. 2: Tennessee State University @ University of Notre Dame
Sept. 3: Louisiana State University @ Florida State University
Sept. 9: University of Texas-Austin @ University of Alabama
Sept. 9: University of Nevada, Las Vegas @ University of Michigan
Sept. 9: University of Cincinnati @ University of Pittsburgh
Sept. 9: University of Notre Dame @ North Carolina State University
Sept. 16: Northwestern University @ Duke University
Sept. 16: University of Washington - Seattle @ Michigan State University
Sept. 23: Ohio State University @ University of Notre Dame
Sept. 23: University of Arkansas @ Louisiana State University
Sept. 23: University of Mississippi @ University of Alabama
Sept. 23: University of Iowa @ Penn State University
Sept 23: University of Oklahoma @ University of Cincinnati
Sept. 30: Louisiana State University @ University of Mississippi
Sept. 30: University of Notre Dame @ Duke University
Oct. 7: University of Arkansas @ University of Mississippi
Oct. 14: University of Southern California @ University of Notre Dame
Oct. 14: University of Arkansas @ University of Alabama
Oct. 14: Louisiana State University @ Auburn University
Oct. 14: Ohio State University @ Purdue University
Oct. 14: University of Iowa @ University of Wisconsin-Madison
Oct. 21: University of Tennessee @ University of Alabama
Oct. 21: Penn State University @ Ohio State University
Oct. 28: University of Pittsburgh @ University of Notre Dame
Oct. 28: Ohio State University @ University of Wisconsin
Nov. 4: University of Notre Dame @ Clemson University
Nov. 4: Louisiana State University @ University of Alabama
Nov. 11: University of Michigan @ Penn State University
Nov. 11: University of Pittsburgh @ Syracuse University
Nov. 18: University of Georgia @ University of Tennessee
Nov. 18: Wake Forest University @ University of Notre Dame