30 November, 2022

Celebrating industry success at the Royal Aeronautical Society........the 2022 honours, medals and awards.

The Royal Aeronautical Society has announced the 2022 winners of the global aerospace community’s most prestigious and long-standing awards honouring achievement and innovation.

The awards celebration, held in London on Monday 28 November 2022, saw leaders in aviation, aerospace and space recognised for their significant contributions to industry and education in areas of leadership, high-speed propulsion systems, fluid dynamics and aerodynamics among others..

Peter Round FRAeS, President of the Royal Aeronautical Society said: “The RAeS Awards offers an opportunity to recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions from senior executives and future leaders within engineering, defence, flight operations, training, space, research and education annually. The achievements of this year’s award winners showcase the ongoing innovation and commitment to excellence that exists across the breadth of our global aerospace, aviation and space industries and we congratulate them on their accomplishments and success.”

Honorary Fellowships mark the world’s highest distinction for aerospace achievement, awarded only for the most outstanding contributions to the aerospace profession.

Honorary Fellowship and Geoffrey Pardoe Space Award

Mr Colin Paynter, Former Managing Director of Airbus Defence & Space. Mr Paynter is awarded for his leadership of the UK’s space industry, maintaining it as a powerful force in Europe and in support of the UK’s space priorities which he has been hugely influential in setting during the turbulent period of the last two decades.

Honorary Fellows

Professor Jonathan Cooper FRAeS, Airbus Royal Academy of Engineering Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Bristol. Professor Cooper is awarded Honorary Fellowship for more than 3 decades of remarkable contributions and service to education in the UK and over 50 projects, many in conjunction with aerospace manufacturers across the world.

Mr Tewolde Gebremariam, former Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Group, now at Delta Airlines as Senior Strategic Advisor. Mr Gebremariam is awarded Honorary Fellowship for his devotion in the development of aviation and the growth of the most profitable airline in Africa.

Professor Darrell Pepper FRAeS, Professor of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Professor Pepper is awarded Honorary Fellowship for his internationally recognised work in the areas of high-speed propulsion systems, fluid dynamics and aerodynamics.

Honorary Companions are awarded for rendering distinctive and notably meritorious service to the aerospace profession.

Mr Michael Turner, President of Guild of Aviation Artists, awarded for his achievements as a celebrated aviation artist depicting the advancement of science and engineering to create aviation art.

Gold Medal

Mr Alan Newby MSc FREng FIMechE FRAeS, Director Aerospace Technology and Future Programmes and Technology – Rolls-Royce plc, is awarded the Society’s Gold Medal for his major contribution to the family of Rolls-Royce Trent engines for the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and A330 NEO aircraft and to the definition of the company’s product and technology strategy.

Silver Medal

Professor Clyde Warsop is awarded the Society’s Silver Medal for initiating the project that provided the first flight demonstration of Circulation Control for manoeuvre control of an aircraft in flight (DEMON) and for continuing to collaborate, advance and innovate flow control technologies.

Bronze Medal and Flight Simulation Medal

Mr Antony Hunt FRAeS is awarded both the Society’s Bronze Medal and the Flight Simulation Medal for radically changing the way the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) simulator data is delivered to Training Device Manufacturers (TDM) and customers by providing a single performance and systems model across all training devices.

Bronze Medal

Dr Peter J Downer, UK Ministry of Defence, is awarded the Society’s Bronze Medal for leading the airspace integration of the RAF’s next generation Remotely Piloted Air System, PROTECTOR, achieving a number of world firsts.

Team Medals are awarded for significant contributions to the advancement of aerospace art, science and engineering.

Gold Medal

Ingenuity - NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter team is awarded the Society’s Gold Medal for the advancement of aerodynamics and aerial robots for planetary science through the design, development, and fabrication of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Technology Demonstrator.

Silver Medal

FlyZero, for its world leading research project on zero-carbon emissions in large commercial aircraft.

Project ACCEL, The Electro-Flight team in partnership with Rolls-Royce under the project title ACCEL Spirit of Innovation, created the powerplant and airframe for an attempt at breaking the world speed record for electric powered aircraft.

Project Telstar, for their innovative introduction of Aireon space-based ADS-B technology, safely enabling real-time surveillance and safely reducing minimum separation standards to increase access to the most fuel efficient trajectories, making flight operations within the world's busiest oceanic airspace safer, more predictable, more fuel efficient and more environmentally sustainable for all.

Flight Operations Specialist Group Award

Number 99 Squadron Flight Operations, a small team of five responsible for organising the emergent evacuation of over 10,000 persons by UK C-17 force from Afghanistan.

Society Specialist Awards are conferred on individuals or teams in well-established professional disciplines. These awards recognise advances, innovation, excellence and long service that has made a significant impact.

Roger Green Human Factors Medal

Dr Anne Isaac, Director of Haumaru UK Ltd. and Chair of the RAeS Human Factors ATC Sub-group

Flight Operations Medal

Air Commodore Dai Whittingham FRAeS, CEO of UK Flight Safety Committee, a longstanding and active member of RAeS Flight Operation Specialist Group.

RP Alston Medal

Mr Andrew Roberts CEng MRAeS, Test Director for ACCEL Ground and Flight Test

Aeronautical Heritage Specialist Group Award

Mr Tony Buttler MA AMRAeS, distinguished metallurgist and aviation historian

Space Specialist Group Award

Dr Rachana Bhatawdekar, postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Directorate of Science at the European Space Agency’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA ESTEC)

Women and Aviation Aerospace Committee Specialist Group Award

Professor Lucy Rogers, FREng, FIET, independent innovation consultant and Visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communications at Brunel University, London

Young Persons’ Awards recognise individual achievement and promise.

Young Person’s Achievement Award

Dr Duc H. Nguyen AMRAeS FHEA, Research & Teaching Associate of the University of Bristol, for furthering aerospace science.

Young Person’s Achievement Commendation

Mr Adam Conner MEng AMRAeS, Junior Engineer of Atkins, a key figure in the Atkins Future of Flight market, covering the Sustainable Aviation and Advanced Air Mobility industries.

Miss Lucy Crabb, Human Factors Engineer, BAE Systems – AIR.

Mr Travis Ludlow, on 13 July 2021 Travis became the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the world at the age of 18.

Miss Zara Rutherford, the youngest female pilot to circumnavigate the world at the age of 19.

Alan Marsh Award

Mr Thomas Magowan, Senior Structural Dynamics Analyst of Leonardo Helicopters.

Herbert le Sueur Award

Mr Albert Ilunga, Design and Certification Engineer of 2Excel Aviation Ltd.

N E Rowe Medal — 22 to 30 Age Group

Mr Barnaby Pine Meng, for his paper titled “A Cool Journey to net Zero – A Review of Superconductor Application in Decarbonising Aviation”

N E Rowe Medal — Under 22 Age Group

Miss Amelia Weaver, for her paper title “The Foundations to My Future – My Outstanding Apprenticeship”.

Other Award

Sir Ralph Robins Medal

Ms Sacha Wright MSc MRAeS, Head of Design Organisation of 2Excel Aviation Ltd.

2021 Written Paper Prizes are awarded annually for the best papers published in The Aeronautical Journal by the Society during the previous calendar year.

Silver Award

A. Filippone, B. Parkes and N. Bojdo for their paper titled: ‘Prediction of aircraft engine emissions using ADS-B flight data’

Bronze Award

J. Huete, D. Nalianda and P. Pilidis for their paper titled “Propulsion system integration for a first-generation hydrogen civil airliner?”

J.D. Hoyos and J.P. Alvarado and J.H. Jiménez for their paper titled “Propeller aerodynamic optimisation to minimise energy consumption for electric fixed-wing aircraft”

Young Person’s

J Hoole, et al for their paper titled ‘Landing Gear Ground Manoeuvre Statistics from Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Transponder Data’.

Journal of Aeronautical History Written Paper Prize is awarded annually to the paper published in the Journal of Aeronautical History during the preceding calendar year that is most likely to engage and excite the widest possible community of professional and other interest and thus to exemplify the best in terms of communicating aerospace history in order to inspire future developments.

S C Liddle for his paper titled ‘Pearcey, Newby, and the Vulcan’