25 October, 2022

Air France-KLM announces two long-term purchase agreements for Sustainable Aviation Fuel SAF

Air France-KLM today announced two major, long-term purchase agreements for a total of 1.6 million tonnes of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The agreements are binding and will apply for several years in partnership with SAF providers Neste and DG Fuels. This marks an important step towards achieving our ambition of blending 10% SAF globally by 2030. The two agreements will cover a third of our needs until 2030 and the first deliveries are expected in 2023.

Air France-KLM has signed two binding multi-year contracts with SAF providers Neste and DG Fuels for a total volume of 1.6 million tons.

These contracts represent a first step by the Group towards achieving its 10% SAF incorporation targets by 2030 and will cover approximately 3 of those 10%.

The first deliveries are expected in 2023.

Marjan Rintel, the CEO of KLM commented:   "KLM has strong ambitions when it comes to making the airline industry more sustainable and balancing the development of our network with local residents and the environment. This requires major, fundamental decisions related to fleet renewal, electrifying ground equipment and scaling up the use of SAF. In order to achieve this we need partners who share our commitment to creating a more sustainable future for aviation. KLM has been taking action for years to further develop the market for sustainable fuel. Today, joining forces with Neste and DG Fuels, we’re taking another important step towards further reducing our CO2 emissions."

Commitment to different alternative fuels

Over and above reducing fuel consumption and as a drop-in fuel, SAF is a solution to reduce CO2 emissions generated by the airline industry in the short to medium term, without the need for modifications to existing infrastructure and equipment. It has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions in pure form by an average of 80% (compared to fossil fuel), depending on the combination of technology and raw materials chosen, and as long as strict sustainability criteria are met.

Air France-KLM has established a strict procurement policy whereby it commits to only purchasing sustainable fuels that do not compete with the production and supply of food for humans or animals, are certified under RSB or ISCC+ and have not been produced from palm oil.

SAF is not yet widely available. KLM is committed to scaling up the production and use of SAF to achieve greater sustainability in the future. For more SAF, KLM cooperates with various parties to research and stimulate the development of various promising technologies and to stimulate the scaling up of production facilities.