05 September, 2022

8 more graduates from airBaltic's Pilot Academy gain commercial pilot licenses

8 more students graduate airBaltic Pilot Academy

The Pilot Academy of airBaltic
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Congratulations to the 8 students who graduated from the Latvian airline airBaltic's Pilot Academy this week, each receiving a commercial pilot license upon completion of the full-time airline transport pilot program. In addition, already the 14th group and the largest of 15 students began their professional pilot studies with the airline.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic: “This is the largest group of new students we have seen so far at the airBaltic Pilot Academy. It marks a significant milestone for the program, which has so far prepared a total of 65 commercial pilots. We also congratulate the determined students of the 14th group who started their studies today.”

Is it just me or are pilots looking younger these days?
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As of this spring, new students of the airBaltic Pilot Academy will have to cover the costs of studies until private pilot licence level, costing approximately EUR 15 000. After passing airBaltic pilot assessment and becoming an employee of the company, the airline will provide financing for the rest of the studies.

Overall, there are now 75 active students at airBaltic Pilot Academy. Most of the students are from Baltic countries, however, there are students also from other EU countries such as Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Italy among others. Around 9% of airBaltic Pilot Academy students are female.    

airBaltic Pilot Academy - airBaltic Training

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airBaltic recently held an open day at its training centre for those aspiring to join the carrier. Photo airBaltic