29 December, 2021

Menzies Aviation service truck hits LOT 737 wing.

An investigation is underway at London Heathrow after the driver of a service lorry collided with the wingtip of a LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft.

The passenger jet was being refuelled at the time of the collision and the split Scimitar winglet is said to have been badly damaged by the lorry of handling agent Menzies Aviation.

The airport fire service responded to the incident as is standard procedure for such a collision, although no injuries have, as yet, been reported. 

LOT had to cancel the aircraft's flight to Warsaw, Poland, while other flights were delayed during the incident. 

The Metro newspaper reported that the images of the scene appeared to show part of a wingtip almost broken off the Boeing 737 aircraft after getting caught in the side of the lorry.

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