02 April, 2020

Over 32,000 British Airways staff are set to be furloughed

Photo NPAS
The UK's leading airline, British Airways is in talks with its union over a plan to furlough just over 32,000 staff with an announcement due shortly. 

BA has already grounded a large part of its fleet, parking them at various regional airports around the south of the UK, including Bournemouth (pictured above) and is expected to ground even more aircraft in the coming days.

The airline, part of the International Airlines Group, has been in discussions with the union Unite for some time and whilst a deal has largely been agreed, it is still waiting to be signed. A union spokesperson said, “Unite has been working around the clock to protect thousands of jobs and to ensure the UK comes out of this unprecedented crisis with a viable aviation sector,”.

According to media reports, this agreement could see up to 80% of the airline's cabin crew, ground staff, engineers as well as those in back/head offices will see their jobs suspended. However,  no staff are expected to be made redundant. It is expected that British Airways will continue to make a 20% payment to staff,  so they can take advantage of the 80% salary payment from the government's position retention scheme. It is also expected that pilots would be paid 50% of their usual salary. 

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