27 April, 2020

LOT wants to convert Dreamliners to freighters

Photo LOT
LOT Polish airlines jas begin negotiations with the US planemaker, Boeing, over the conversion of its 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft into cargo craft.

According to local media, the request would only be a temporary issue to help the carrier cope with the crippling losses caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. shutdown. The airline is seeking to branch further into other areas now that passenger demand has virtually slowed to zero. "If we get approval and meet all safety requirements, we will become the first airline in the world that will adapt the Dreamliner for such transport." Michal Czernicki, a spokesperson for the carrier said on Monday. 

LOT has 15 Dreamliners in its fleet and has been using some to perform repatriation flights and transport supplied of personal protective equipment from China to Poland to the hep the Polish health system to try to ease the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Reuters, Czernicki declined to comment on timing, what kind of cargo the airline might transport in the aircraft or for how long they would be used as hybrid freighters. 

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