14 March, 2020

Alitalia tells passengers they must have breathing masks if they want to fly.

The Italian airline, Alitalia has instigated a new rule for all passengers - if they want to fly they must wear a breathing mask from before they board the aircraft.

The measure comes into force with immediate effect and is part of the protocols to fight against infection that has been adopted by Alitalia following consultation with Italian Authorities. Alitalia could, therefore, deny boarding to passengers who are not in possession of the personal protective devices. Alitalia recommends travellers to wear protective breathing mask also at airports and during boarding and disembarking from aircraft.

The new safety procedure comes on the heels of the other extraordinary measures adopted by Alitalia to protect the health of travellers and employees, sometimes also through the redesign of the onboard service. Furthermore, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, Alitalia has increased the cleaning activities on its entire fleet, with daily disinfection and sanitation of all the surfaces in the aircraft cabins.

The airline says its aircraft fleet is equipped with hospital-grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters which ensure 99.7% cleaning of the cabin air and completely exchange with fresh air thirty times per hour.

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