Saturday, 14 March 2020

France to close all cafes, shops, restaurants and cinemas from tonight......

The French Prime Minister announces closure of cafes, shops, restaurants and cinemas as the country battles against coronavirus COVID-19.

Edouard Philippe announced on Saturday evening that he will order most shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities to close from midnight on Saturday and people should stay home as much as was possible to help combat the coronavirus increasing. 

“I have decided to close all non-indispensable locations, notably cafes, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and shops,” he said. “We must absolutely limit our movements.”  The ban does not include grocery and food shops, pharmacies and petrol stations.

According to the latest figures from the French public health authority, there were almost 4500 people confirmed to have the virus whilst thus far 91 people had died.  Philippe commented that the country had no choice but to order the closures as there were far too many people still out in the streets and not complying with recent announcements to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. 

Air France is currently reviewing its scheduled operations, but this new lockdown could see the grounding of the vast majority of the airlines fleet.

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