25 February, 2020

ExpressJet to add 36 Embraer ERJ145 jets to its fleet to become the globes largest operator of the type.

DEN AM 0415

ExpressJet Airlines, a United Express carrier, announced today it will add 36 Embraer ERJ145 aircraft to its United Express fleet, which will make ExpressJet the world’s largest operator of the 50-seat Embraer ERJ145 aircraft.  The parties are working towards a long term extension of the ExpressJet Capacity Purchase Agreement.
The agreement will include:
  • The addition of 36 Embraer ERJ145 aircraft over the next 12 months, totalling more than 125 ERJ145s in the fleet.
  • A multi-year extension of the company’s Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA) with United Airlines.
  • A significant investment in a complete interior refresh of the ERJ145 aircraft comprising new panels, new seats and LED lighting.
“We have made the long-term commitment to the Embraer ERJ145 and designed the comprehensive cabin, seat, and entertainment upgrade to deliver a contemporary customer experience,” said Sarah Murphy, Senior Vice President of United Express. “We’re confident that our partners at ExpressJet can execute that vision.”

“United’s trust in ExpressJet is a testament to the dedication and adaptability of ExpressJet’s employees,” said Subodh Karnik, Chairman and CEO of ExpressJet Airlines. “Growing our fleet and upgrading the ERJ145s embodies our vision: ‘To be the United Express carrier that best understands and fulfils the needs of United Airlines.’”
As part of the long-term commitment to the Embraer ERJ145 and growth of the fleet, ExpressJet will announce additions to its crew bases and facilities at United hubs, including Denver, in the coming weeks. As part of the agreement, ExpressJet will also phase out its small fleet of E175 aircraft to speed-up growth and become an efficient single-fleet airline.

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