18 February, 2020

Changes to EL AL's schedules

EL AL is making changes to its schedules for flights to and from China

Beijing – following the previous announcement of temporary suspension of the flights until March 25,2020, will now extend until April 24, 2020.

Hong Kong – following the decision to allow customers to change or cancel their flights without a penalty, the airline will now temporarily suspend its flights until March 20, 2020.

Bangkok -  EL AL will continue its flights to Bangkok, however, will reduce frequencies from double daily to one daily on certain dates.

Tokyo - EL AL is preparing to inaugurate the launch of the historic Japan route on March 11, 2020 as planned.

Gonen Usishkin, EL AL CEO: "We are continually monitoring the reports from China.  We hope that the recent cautious optimism as reported in the global media will indeed continue in the coming days.  Nevertheless, we at EL AL have decided to make commercial adjustments to the schedule in the Far East and increase frequencies to North America and Europe with a focus on the upcoming Passover period."

EL AL will do all possible to assist its passengers holding tickets for the changed or cancelled flights, finding alternative flights as needed. As soon as the situation allows, EL AL will reinstate its flights to Beijing and Hong Kong even prior to the dates mentioned.

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