18 November, 2019

Boston gets a second weekly flight from Cabo Verde Airlines.

It has been confirmed that from the middle of next month the national airline of Cabo Verde will introduce a second weekly flight to Boston.

The airline will start the second rotation from 14th December with a Boeing 757 jet configured with 22 seats in business and 161 in economy classes. The flight will link the island's to Boston's Logan airport on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

The Republic of Cabo Verde, formally known as Cape Verde is an island nation formed of 10 islands of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean. They are located around 350 miles west of the Cabo Verde peninsular of Africa and are seen as an unspoilt holiday destination.

Portuguese explorers first colonised the islands and until independence was gained in 1975 the islands fell under Portuguese control. Currently, the population is around 548,000 - mostly of mixed European, Moorish, Arab and African heritage.

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