23 September, 2019

FlyBosnia starts direct flights from Sarajevo to London!

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s FlyBosnia has launched a direct flight from Sarajevo to London and Thursday's inaugural flight marked the first time the two cities were connected in 12 years. 

FlyBosnia Airbus A319 aircraft departed from Sarajevo Airport at seven o’clock on Thursday morning, and landed at London Luton Airport two hours later, with Tarik Bilalbegovic, FlyBosnia director and Matthew Field, UK ambassador to BiH, after which the representatives of Luton Airport cut the ribbon to re-establish the Sarajevo-London line.

Ambassador Matthew Field commented that the reintroduction of the line from Sarajevo to London was a great step for all and stressed that the move would further strengthen ties between BiH and the United Kingdom.

Tarik Bilalbegovic, director of FlyBosnia, sais that a direct flight from Sarajevo to London will be organized every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. He stressed that the establishment of a line for the UK capital is an integral part of their campaign in which they seek to connect Sarajevo with all major tourist capitals of Europe and the world.

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