20 July, 2019

PIA ATR skids off the runway at Gilgit

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ATR aircraft, carrying 48 passengers has skidded off the runway while landing at the Gilgit airport on Saturday, according to local officials.

The airline said that all passengers had evacuated the plane safely and were being assisted, "The ATR-42 aircraft skidded a little off an unpaved patch. The pilots exhibited great skill and composure to regain control and ensure everyone's safety," PIA said in a statement.

The aircraft was pictured titled on its right side in a grassy area next to the runway,  "The CEO has issued orders for an immediate and transparent probe. Strict action in accordance with aviation laws will be taken if the investigators find evidence of any human or technical error," the statement said.

The aircraft was operating flight PK605 and was carrying 53 people from Islamabad to Gilgit and a full investigation is underway. Both pilots of the ATR have been removed from flying duties and will remain grounded until the investigation has been completed.

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