10 July, 2018

Goodbye CSeries CS100 and CS300 and hello Airbus A220's

Airbus has revealed possibly the worst kept secret in the aviation world for the last few weeks, the new name for what was the Bombardier CSeries aircraft CS100 and CS300.  From now on, following the sell-off of the CSeries programme to Airbus, the aircraft will be known as the A220-100 and A220-300.

The European giant manufacturer held a special ceremony at its Henri-Ziegler Delivery Centre, near Toulouse, today, to show off the new paint job on a CS300, opps, I mean A220-300.  The event was witnessed by Airbus employees and some specially invited members of the media. 

The A220 family has now been born and marks the end of the Bombardier's new jet commercial aircraft operations, the Canadian company is now just concentrating updating its CRJ series of aircraft. The strategic limited partnership that handed over control of the CSeries to Airbus is made up of 50,01%  Airbus, approximatively 34% by Bombardier and 16% by Investissement Quรฉbec. 

“Everyone at Airbus has been looking forward to this historic moment. Today, we are thrilled to welcome the A220 to the Airbus family and are honoured to see it wearing its new Airbus colours for the first time,” said Guillaume Faury, Airbus President Commercial Aircraft. “I pay tribute to all the women and men at Bombardier and the supply chain who have strived over the past years to bring this fantastic aircraft to the world. The A220 now enters a new phase in its career with all Airbus’ resources behind it to further its commercial success worldwide." 

Eric Schulz, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer, added: “We are enthusiastic about incorporating the A220 in the Airbus Family. I have received positive feedback from customers, and this contributes to my optimism that within the Airbus network, we will make the A220 a great commercial success."

The official line from Bombardier was one of quiet support, "We fully support the rebranding.  It is a clear signal to the market that Airbus has put its full weight behind the program, which should accelerate sales momentum and cost reduction efforts. "

airBaltic the largest CSeries customer stated on social media "We’re glad to join @Airbus Family with Bombardier #CS300 officially becoming #Airbus #A220-300. We are looking forward to introducing an all-Airbus fleet of 50 A220-300 aircraft already by 2022."

For the time being the C Series will continue to have its primary final assembly line and related functions will remain in Mirabel, Quรฉbec. Keeping over 2,200 Canadian's in jobs there as well as thousands more at Bombardier’s St-Laurent and Belfast sites as well as through the current supply chain.  However, Airbus has built a vast global network of more than 7,700 suppliers, which available to be used on the A220 aircraft, which will help the company cut costs on the manufacturing of each frame whilst also helping to improve production methods, so future business for existing ancillary suppliers to the CSeries may soon find their futures a little less secure.  

Here's how it went in to the Airbourne Colours paint shop-

and how it came out-