Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Classic plane comes down in South Africa

One person has died and more than 20 injured in the crash of a classic Rovos Air Convair 340, registration  ZS-BRV, just after takeoff from Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, today.

The aircraft had only recently been repainted in a classic Martinair livery to make it all ready for its journey to a new home, the Aviodrome museum Lelystad, in the Netherlands and was undergoing a test flight. The aircraft was built in 1954 and had recently undergone a major renovation and restoration.

It had been due to embark on a long series of flights on a journey to its new home in Lelystad that would have seen it fly via east Africa, through Egypt, Croatia, Austria and finally to the Netherlands.
The Dutch museum said it was "hugely shocked" to learn of a plane crash, which saw the aircraft come down just after take off. Smoke appeared to come from one of the engines and the aircraft failed to climb after leaving the ground. 

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has said it had investigators at the scene to look into the causes of the crash and would issue a statement in due course.

KLM airline Martinair issued the following statement, "Martinair has been informed that a Convair aircraft has crashed in South Africa. The aircraft was painted in Martin’s Air Charter (retro) livery but is not operated nor owned by Martinair.

The Convair aircraft was destined for the Dutch aircraft museum Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport in The Netherlands, which is also the owner of the aircraft. Martinair wishes to send it’s sympathy to the passengers and crew and all others involved in this accident."