13 July, 2018

Another BA 777 suffers engine failure in flight

A British Airways jet suffered an engine failure shortly after taking off from Singapore and needed to dump fuel urgently to return to the airport on one engine.

The Boeing 777-300ER, with the registration G-STBE was operating flight BA16 to London Heathrow and had just taken off from Singapore and was climbing over Malaysia when the incident happened today.  Passengers on the flight report feeling a shuddering and other vibrations but remained calm.  

The pilot announced shortly after that the right-hand engine had malfunctioned and they were going to return to Singapore after dumping some fuel to lighten the aircraft to enable it to be able to land. Fire crews greeted the aircraft as soon as it had turned off the runway and inspected it. Shortly afterwards, the aircraft taxied to a departure gate where passengers were able to disembark the aircraft. 

Only yesterday, another  British Airways Boeing 777 operating a flight from London to Mumbai suffered an engine failure and had to make an emergency landing in Baku, Azerbaijani.  

The aircraft, carrying 214 people diverted to Baku’s Heydar Aliyev airport landing safely there at 6.30am local time, with no injuries reported. Passengers disembarked the aircraft and had to wait at the airport for another aircraft to be flown out for them to complete their journies. 

It is believed that the aircraft involved are both powered by two General Electric GE-90 engines similar to the ones on the British Airways 777 that had to be evacuated on the runway in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas aircraft, registration G-VIIO was repaired and returned to service and is currently flying from Kingston to London.