04 December, 2017

The 10 best long-haul airlines, according to Telegraph readers

As you may have seen with the short-haul airlines, the readers of the UK's Telegraph newspaper have been offering up their opinions of airlines, both long and short haul.  This has resulted in the newspaper producing its annual awards listings of the top ten in each category.   

Swiss took the top slot in the short-haul sector which seems to be wholly deserved, with Icelandair coming in a close second. It surprised some commentators that British Airways didn't even break into the top ten this year and some are hoping for a better showing in the long-haul awards. 

Here's the top ten according to Telegraph readers. 

1   Singapore Airlines
2   Emirates
3   Qatar Airways
4   Air New Zealand
5   Virgin Atlantic
6   All Nippon Airways
7   Korean Air
8   Thai Airways International
9   Cathay Pacific
10  Etihad

Nick Trend, Telegraph Travel's consumer expert, said: "Telegraph readers are enthusiastic long-haul fliers - many of your favourite destinations are many hours away, and so this category is one of the most crucial. Singapore Airlines and Emirates have been trading places at the top of the table since 2012. Last year, Emirates took the prize, but in 2017, Singapore has wrestled it back once more."

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