04 December, 2017

SWISS top poll of short-haul operators

The readers of the UK's Telegraph Newspaper have been sending in their opinions of airlines and the airlines topping the polls may surprise you.

Considering the Telegraph.co.uk is a London based British Newspaper you might well have thought British Airways, once the claimed to be The Worlds Favourite Airline, would be in the top ten, if not taking the number one spot. However, that is not the case and the full listings of the airlines making the top ten may very well surprise you.

Looking at European or short-haul services, taking the top slot was SWISS, followed rapidly by Icelandair and tiny little Channel Island's operator Aurigny Air scoped third in the awards, compiled by the Telegraph from the opinions of 90,000 readers! 

Here is the short haul top ten.

1   Swiss
2   Icelandair
3   Aurigny Air
4   Jet2 
5   KLM 
6   Austrian Airlines 
7   Lufthansa 
8   Air Malta
9   Aer Lingus
10 CityJet 

Nick Trend, the Telegraph's travel consumer expert said: "No-frills airlines may continue to expand, but they have yet to win over readers’ hearts. Instead, Swiss - the national carrier for Switzerland -  tops the table."

"Of course, this result is a tribute to that old cliche of 'Swiss efficiency' but there is no doubt that service on board is slick and passenger-focused and it is this which has helped Swiss maintain its distance from the no-frills carriers."

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