27 September, 2017

Pacific Coast Airlines Reveal Winter & Spring Schedule

The small Canadian airline, Pacific Coastal Airlines have released details of its 2017-2018 Winter and Spring Schedule which comes into effect on Sunday, 15th October and will run all the way until Sunday, 3rd June 2018.

“We’ve made some adjustments with an aim to improve our overall on-time performance, create better connectivity within our regularly scheduled network, and adjust to the increase in passenger growth and unique market-by-market demands,” says Pacific Coastal Airlines’ President Quentin Smith.

While the new schedule does not include any fundamental changes from the Spring/Summer schedule, the first flights of the day will leave a bit later, while the last evening flights will depart a bit earlier. Some of the changes include, but are not limited to:   

Bella Bella (ZEL)

Increased seat capacity with 2 larger Saab aircraft every weekday
Better connections for seaplane customers travelling between Bella Bella and Vancouver
Improved connection between Bella Bella and Klemtu
Campbell River (YBL) and Comox (YQQ)

More non-stop flights utilizing the 19-seat Beechcraft 1900 for both the Campbell River and Comox routes
Larger 30 or 34 seat Saab aircraft on the Vancouver - Campbell River - Comox (triangle) route
Direct morning flights from both Campbell River and Comox to Vancouver
Cranbrook (YXC)

Increased seat capacity with larger 30 or 34 seat Saab aircraft on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday afternoon flights from Vancouver
Overnighting a Saab at Cranbrook airport means more outbound morning flights to Vancouver on the larger Saab aircraft 
Masset (ZMT)

Saturday 30 or 34 seat Saab service from Vancouver to Masset (ZMT)

(photos Pacific Coast Airlines)

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