Friday, 25 August 2017

United Airlines Pilot Freaks Passengers Out

It's not often you board a flight and it is an angry pilot that freaks you out, but thats what happened on a United Airlines flight on Tuesday.

Passengers on the UA flight heading to Newark were warned by the pilot the plane would be flying through "horrific storms including tornadoes," and would probably have to stay in the air an hour longer than the usual flight time. 

He made the remarks over the aircrafts public address system and his announcements  rattled so many passengers that the number one flight attendant rapidly went on the pa to try and reassure the worried passengers. 

The pilot also instructed passengers aboard the full flight to "get to know your neighbors" and the flight would be "very turbulent," according to passengers on the flight, alarmed at the prospect of the aircraft having t fly through a tornado.

United Airlines said it was looking into the incident.. "We would never put our crew or our passengers in a situation where it was unsafe to fly," United Airlines spokeswoman Natalie Noonan said. "The safety of the passengers and the crew is always our No. 1 priority."

The aircraft was already two hours behind schedule and eventually made its way from the gate, however as the aircraft was taxing to the runway, the angry pilot came back on the PA this time to inform the passengers the aircraft had a maintenance issue and had to return to the terminal.  
By that time, many frustrated passengers told the cabin crew they wanted to get off the aircraft and over 50 did so, making alternative travel plans.   

"It was a general feeling of being rattled," one passenger told the media,  "You want a pilot to have confidence. There was not that feeling."

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