Friday, 25 August 2017

The Oldest Commercial Planes In The Sky......

Would you feel uneasy about flying on a plane built in 1970? Ask an article on The Daily Telegraph Newspapers website, which seems to try and foster a little fear in the travelling public about flying o older aircraft, especially pointing to Jet2 - who have the oldest flying 'in normal service' commercial passenger jet in the UK.

The oldest passenger plane in Britain

  • Model: Boeing 737
  • Registration: G-CELH
  • Airline: Jet2
  • Age: 31 years
  • Capacity: 148
  • First delivery: 02/10/1986
  • First airline: Lufthansa (subsequent airlines include Saudi Arabian Airlines, BA, and Channel Express)

Where's it been flying this week?

Based in Edinburgh, G-CELH has visited Budapest, Venice, Vienna, Alicante, Reus, Verona, Ibiza and Girona so far this week.
The article is an interesting read about some of the oldest aircraft flying in the world today, yet far beit from making readers afraid, the article seems to have the opposite effect - a poll on the site asks Would you be comfortable flying on a 47-year-old jet?  As of 1159 today, 100% say yes they would, its as safe as any other!

Sometimes, just sometimes the thrill of flying on a 'classic' jet evokes the romanticism and pioneering spirit of aviation of days long gone by, and for most of the travelling population, forgotten!

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