03 April, 2015

Special Measures For Thailand's Aviation Industry

Turmoil in Thailand’s aviation industry at the moment as “special measures” have been slapped upon it after issues were flagged up by ICAO - the International Civil Aviation Organization  earlier this month.
Airlines including Thai AirAsia X, NokScoot and Asia Atlantic Airline have been forced to cancel flights. Even national airline, Thai Airways, was affected, being forced to cancel a number of new charter flights in April.

Thailand’s ministers have been working hard trying to limit damage since being informed of the concerns of ICAO. Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told media representatives this week that he has instructed the country's foreign minister to discuss the ban with Japan as well as ordering an urgent overhaul of the civil aviation department.
Today, Prajin Juntong, transport minister, called an urgent meeting with state authorities after the ICAO rejected a plan designed to address its concerns, according to local media. The plan had suggested a two-year time frame to fast track improvements, however ICAO has demanded a much more rapid nine month time frame.
ICAO spokesperson told reporters that a safety oversight audit was conducted in Thailand between January 19 and 30, 2015. "The audit revealed some safety concerns, primarily relating to air operator certification procedures," he said. "Thailand officially provided ICAO with the details of its corrective actions and mitigation measures on 2 March 2015 and we continue to work with its civil aviation authority on resolving the issues in question." He said he could not give further details because of an agreement in place between the ICAO and its member states.