Thursday, 2 April 2015

Aircraft Escorted to Prestwick Airport

A cargo aircraft has landed safely in Scotland after suffering technical problems with its communications equipment.
A major emergency had been declared at the airport after the Italian C-27J aircraft lost communication. This raised security concerns and the as a precaution RAF Typhoon fighters were scrambled to intercept and escort the stricken aircraft to Prestwick Airport.
A number of other flights were held up while the events took place, however Scottish airspace was not closed at the time. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Typhoon aircraft were launched this evening from RAF Lossiemouth to intercept a civilian aircraft which was causing concern to air traffic control authorities. The aircraft was safely escorted to Prestwick airport and the local police now have the lead."
Down in the air just off the south coast of England another drama was taking place as two Russian military aircraft encroached into civil air corridors inside UK air space. Details of the RAF delayed response have not been disclosed and are under investigation.   

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