14 March, 2015

BA Flight turns back because of stinky poo!

A British Airways flight to Dubai had to turn back over Belgium because of an overflowing toilet created a foul smell the crew could not fix.  The pilot then turn the full aircraft around and back to Heathrow they went. The indignant pilot told passengers the flight was going back to base because of 'liquid faecal excrement' emanating from one of the toilets.    The airline promised them another aircraft would be available in three hours, but that was a complete lie, for their passengers of the stricken smelly poo plane, recommenced their journeys some 15 hours later.
BA ground staff originally told the passengers that it was just tough luck and to contact the CAA for compensation, however later the airline relented and provided hotel rooms and limited refreshment vouchers.
British Airways apologised for the delay, saying the provided accommodation and refreshment vouchers and scheduled the flight for the next day. However there has been no word yet from the airline that the problem was caused by the cabin crew themselves blocking the toilet.