Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ryanair Plans - German Expansion and Ghost Airports.

There was much media coverage last week over low-cost carrier Ryanair's announcement that it was going to be the first airline to operate scheduled flights from Spain’s so called ghost airport! 

The Irish airline is starting flights to London Stansted and Bristol during the 2015 winter period from Castellon Airport which has been empty and relatively unused since it opened four years ago. It is north of Valencia and was built during the main height of Spain’s construction boom but came to little during the finical crash that has decimated the country.

Ryanair have also announced a major expansion of flights from Cologne, Germany. The airline is boasting that it will double its traffic through the city, launching seven new routes part of its Cologne winter 2015/16 schedule. This, they says, will generate 2 million extra passengers per year from the airport cementing the carriers European expansion programme in Germany.  The new services Cologne will had to Berlin, Copenhagen, Gran Canaria, Milan, Valencia, Porto and Warsaw and will see the airline base another two Boeing 737s in Cologne, something which hasn't yet been advised to crewing operations department!

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