22 April, 2024

GoJet Airlines brings in groundbreaking pilot recruitment initiative.

GoJet Airlines, brings in a  groundbreaking pilot recruitment initiative, offering unparalleled bonus opportunities and career advancement pathways. With the aviation industry facing dynamic changes, GoJet Airlines remains committed to attracting and retaining top talent, providing lucrative incentives for experienced pilots.

GoJet Airlines is proud to introduce a comprehensive Direct Entry Captain bonus package, including a staggering $175,000 sign-on bonus and an additional $25,000 bonus for pilots with a Part 121 type-rating. This unprecedented offer presents a total bonus opportunity of up to $200,000, paid out within the first 12 months without any contractual obligations or strings attached.

Adding to this industry-leading compensation package, GoJet Airlines is proud to offer up to 18 years in longevity matching, demonstrating the company's commitment to recognizing pilots’ years of service within the industry. This creates the potential to earn over $400,000 in the first year of employment, enabling pilots to achieve financial stability and success while flying with GoJet Airlines.

President and CEO Rick Leach expressed his enthusiasm about the new pilot recruitment initiative, stating, "At GoJet Airlines, we're dedicated to excellence and the impact of our game-changing product in the marketplace. As one of the fastest-growing regional airlines in the industry, with almost 100% contracted growth ahead of us, this robust and industry-leading bonus program reflects our commitment to attracting top talent and providing outstanding career opportunities. This initiative builds upon GoJet’s innovative track record, reinforcing our adherence to continued company success and stability.”

Some of the most attractive aspects of GoJet Airlines include the premier service aircraft CRJ 550, expedited seniority progression due to company growth, a top-tier regional pay scale, and a direct path to the United Airlines flight deck in as little as two years for DECs through the Aviate program. These opportunities, coupled with the flexibility to choose their base, provide pilots with a uniquely personalized and fulfilling work environment. Additionally, GoJet's commitment to organic growth underscores its stability and adaptability within the industry. This holistic approach to career development and operational expansion positions GoJet Airlines as a premier choice for pilots seeking both professional development and stability in their careers.

In an industry marked by rapid change, experienced major carriers adjusting fleet sizes, hiring demands, and even pilot workforce reductions, GoJet Airlines stands out as a beacon of stability, opportunity, and advancement, encouraging pilots to seize this opportunity without delay.

Leach emphasized, “As the aviation industry undergoes a transformative period, the demand for experienced pilots is shifting. At GoJet Airlines, we recognize this dynamic shift and its potential to accelerate our growth plans, benefiting our employees, company, partners, and passengers alike. These bonuses represent a unique opportunity in an evolving landscape where such incentives may soon be scarce. Our message is clear: seize this opportunity now, and secure your future with GoJet Airlines, where you will benefit from our significant growth that lies ahead and become an integral member of our Safety, Performance and Quality leading team of aviation professionals."


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