15 January, 2024

SpiceXpress expands domestic cargo network in partnership with Star Air.....

SpiceXpress, a subsidiary of SpiceJet, has entered into a partnership with Star Air, to manage the belly space capacity for cargo transportation in Star Air's fleet of nine aircraft.

Star Air, operating five Embraer 145 jets and four Embraer 175 jets, will significantly enhance SpiceXpress's domestic network, incorporating nine new destinations: Belagavi, Bhuj, Kalaburagi, Kishangarh, Kolhapur, Jamnagar, Jodhpur, Nagpur, and Shivamogga. This collaboration underlines SpiceXpress's commitment to expanding its reach and strengthening the nation's air cargo infrastructure.

SpiceXpress’s domestic network will increase from 39 to 48 destinations helping the company strengthen its Door-to-Door delivery and postal service. The three-year agreement, extendable by mutual consent, establishes a foundation for seamless cooperation between the two companies. 

Jai Singh Sadana, Chief Business Officer, SpiceXpress, said, “This partnership with Star Air marks a significant milestone for SpiceXpress as we broaden our domestic cargo network. The extended reach to these nine destinations aligns with our vision of connecting underserved regions, contributing to economic development, and bolstering the logistics landscape in India."

“The collaboration not only grants SpiceXpress access to additional delivery points and increased daily cargo volume but also enhances our last-mile presence. Door-to-door connectivity will now be extended to pin codes that were previously untouched, showcasing the transformative potential of this partnership,” Sadana said.

Capt. Simran Singh Tiwana, Chief Executive Officer, Star Air, said, “Star Air is happy to announce this exciting partnership with SpiceXpress. The flexibility gained through this alliance empowers Star Air to unlock the cargo potentials in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities across the country. This strategic partnership exemplifies the commitment of both airlines to redefine India's cargo landscape and drive the nation's economic growth.”

SpiceXpress, a subsidiary of SpiceJet Limited, was established with the primary objective of facilitating dedicated cargo transportation services globally, along with other related services. Over time, it has developed a robust infrastructure, logistics capabilities, and industry expertise, positioning itself as a reliable provider of seamless cargo and delivery solutions. The company is committed to ensuring hassle-free and efficient goods transportation across the globe.