04 January, 2024

Korean Air releases a new safety video featuring virtual humans

Korean Air has released a new inflight safety video featuring virtual humans, taking the AI world a little further. The video features a virtual human in a Korean Air flight attendant uniform giving safety instructions within a virtual setting.

By introducing the new concept of virtual humans in its safety video, the airline seeks to reach out to its diverse customer base of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The sleek visual presentation is expected to garner passengers’ attention and increase viewers’ engagement levels.

This is the first time an airline has created a safety video featuring virtual humans: virtual human Rina and the virtual girl group of four, MAVE, are both creations of Metaverse Entertainment of Netmarble F&C.

The video takes place in the “Korean Air Safety Lounge” designed with airplane motives. The virtual space was created to make it easier to explain and understand the inflight safety rules. Rina, who gives safety instructions in the flight attendant uniform, is a virtual human who has completed safety training at Korean Air's Cabin Crew Training Center and was appointed as an honorary flight attendant. MAVE members play the role of passengers following the safety instructions.

The safety video is the airline’s latest effort to both remind customers of the importance of inflight safety as well as provide them with a new customer experience. The video covers topics that passengers must know such as how to store carry-on luggage, wearing a seatbelt, prohibited items during the flight, cabin smoking regulations, procedures in the case of cabin pressure abnormalities, locations of the emergency exits, and how to put on a life jacket.

“This will become a great example of the synergy created between the aviation industry and digital technology. We intend to change perceptions of inflight safety videos with these new ideas, and make them more relatable and engaging for passengers,” said a Korean Air representative.

Rina: A virtual human created by Netmarble FNC's Metaverse Entertainment, who debuted in January 2022. With state-of-the-art 4D technology, facial expressions and movements are realized by extracting subtle facial movement data. Rina is working as a virtual influencer and is growing into a Gen Z digital creator by gaining popularity through social media and short platform content. She also appears in famous brand advertisements.

MAVE: A four-member virtual girl group that debuted in January 2023 with their first single album, "PANDORA's BOX." The debut song "PANDORA" has 45 million streams on Spotify and 30 million music video views. The members are leader and main vocalist Siu, lead vocalist Zena, main rapper and dancer Tyra and dancer and rapper Marty.