06 December, 2023

Saudi Arabia turning away from the west to support Russia

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin has enjoyed a fruitful visit to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this week.

Rapdily arranged talks were scheduled with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and a range of subjects were discussed, including oil, Gaza, Ukraine and the supply of weapons. 

According to local media and translators, the meeting between Putin and Mohammed bin Salman was positive and friendly and there were some agreements on oil prices and output. MBS informed Putin their countries could "work together for the good of the whole world" and Putin has invited the Crown Prince to Russia for their next meeting.

According to the translators, the subject of Saudi Arabia supplying or acting as a conduit for weapons and armaments was also discussed briefly and could see the Gulf nation passing US and Western-made military equipment to Russia for its war in Ukraine.   

The UAE will continue to provide financial and other support and services to Russia, it has been reported, following Putin's visit to President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi, who calls Putin a 'dear friend' and pulled out all the stops to please Putin on his whistlestop tour.