29 November, 2023

Royal Air Force Typhoons take part in large international exercise in Qatar

Typhoons from RAF Coningsby-based XI(Fighter) Squadron, have taken part in a large international exercise in Qatar.

The exercise known as Ferocious Falcon V, involved forces from Qatar, France, Italy, Tรผrkiye and the United States. The RAF Typhoons were also joined by elements of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards and HMS Lancaster.

The Qatari led exercise is designed to bring partner forces together to increase combat efficiency and increase unity. The exercise also strengthens the bonds of friendship, the support of joint action and the exchange of experiences with these countries.

Elements from the Qatari land, naval and air forces all took part in the exercise. The Qatari aim was that all military personnel from the participating countries will gain experience in the field and strengthen international relations by cooperating in various missions.

Squadron Leader Hodgkinson, XI (F) Squadron Detachment Commander said:  “This Exercise offered increased exposure to our allies in the Broader Middle East, facilitating advanced training and integration. The small detachment of pilots and specialist engineers have delivered 100% exercise sortie completion rates and the opportunity to work closely with international allies has been invaluable.

XI (F) Squadron, like the rest of the Typhoon Force, are held at readiness to project Combat Air across the globe.  We have completed Ex Bersama Lima in Malaysia and then pivoted to the Middle East for this exercise, reflecting the agility and resilience the squadron and aircraft offers”.