04 November, 2023

New book "A Pilot's Story 2 - From Low-Cost Airlines to Conquering the East"

Renowned pilot and author, Captain Ivan Anzellotti will once again captivate readers with his latest work "A Pilot's Story 2 - From Low-Cost Airlines to Conquering the East". Following the success of his first book "A Pilot's Story - From the Ruins of Alitalia to the Desert of Qatar", Anzellotti delves deeper into the world of aviation and offers a fascinating perspective on the challenges and changes in the profession.

In "A Pilot's Story 2"," Captain Ivan Anzellotti takes us on a remarkable journey through three countries, four airlines, and the evolving landscape of the civil aviation industry. Anzellotti sheds light on the changing dynamics of a profession where "profit at any cost" is increasingly paramount, often at the expense of dedicated pilots and the passion that once fueled their dreams.

In his characteristic ironic style, the author continues the story of his first book, which ended with his departure from Qatar. In this latest volume, Anzellotti recounts his adventures in Portugal, Taiwan and finally Hong Kong, offering the reader a first-hand account of his experiences in the East and in America. Along the way, he shares behind-the-scenes stories that reveal the exciting yet challenging nature of his profession.

What sets "A Pilot's Story 2" apart from other books is the intimate perspective it offers, as the story is enriched by the direct testimony of Maya, the author's wife. Maya shares her personal reflections on the decisions that defined the first eight years of their life together after their secret marriage in Qatar.

Readers can expect a compelling story of passion, perseverance and the sacrifices that not only pilots, but also their families, must endure. Anzellotti's storytelling skills combined with Maya's candid insights make "A Pilot's Story 2" a must-read for aviation enthusiasts and anyone interested in the inner workings of the aviation industry.