21 November, 2023

Europe’s airlines seek global vision for sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) as European rules take effect

Europe’s leading airlines are calling for a global response to accelerate the transition to greener fuels as the Third Conference on Aviation Alternative Fuels (CAAF) kicks off in Dubai. Airlines for Europe (A4E) looks forward to ICAO establishing a global vision of 4-5% CO2 emissions reduction from the use of SAF by 2030.

CAAF/3 kicks off just as the EU’s SAF regulation, known as ReFuelEU, comes into force. The global industry should follow in its footsteps to set achievable targets that promote the use of SAF. Europe’s airlines are confident that with the right supporting measures, the requirements of the EU’s regulation will be met, but global regulations will enhance the credibility of the aviation sector’s sustainability commitments and signal to investors that sustainable aviation is an industry ripe with opportunities.

A4E is also calling for the development of a global framework that will help to stimulate SAF demand and supply. The CAAF/3 should deliver a toolkit that can be implemented by states and which covers accounting methodologies for SAF, capacity building and improving access to finance for SAF.

Speaking ahead of the CAAF/3, Laurent Donceel, Deputy Managing Director of A4E said, “Committing to a transition to clean energy is an investment in the future of air travel. The world expects action from the aviation industry to ensure it continues along the path towards sustainability. The future of aviation depends on sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) and it is critical that the meeting this week produces a global agreement for a net-zero aviation with realistic targets to promote the use of SAF. Global investments in SAF and boosting the energy transition in aviation will create a bounty of jobs and growth around the world.”

“Between 2025 and 2030 European airlines will use up to 9 million tonnes of SAF, saving around 30 million tonnes of CO2. This is like taking 1.1 million cars off the road each year. Europe and the USA are accelerating down the runway towards a more sustainable future so it’s critically important that the rest of the world keeps up and delivers a truly net zero aviation industry. This meeting of CAAF is an ideal opportunity to set this in stone,” Donceel added.