05 October, 2023

Vancouver International Airport selects LAT Multilingual to engage with Chinese travellers

LAT Multilingual Translation & Marketing, a leading translation and multicultural marketing firm with its head office in Vancouver, is proud to announce the renewal of its partnership with Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Since 2016, LAT has worked closely with YVR's Communications Team to engage with Chinese audiences through popular social media channels WeChat, Weibo, and now RED.

LAT's expertise in translation, content adaptation, localization, and digital marketing has been instrumental in helping YVR connect with Chinese locals and visitors, achieving high levels of engagement on Chinese social platforms.

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with YVR," said Lise Alain, LAT's President. "We share a commitment to facilitating communication across cultures and languages and are proud to have achieved such high levels of engagement for the airport on Chinese social platforms. There's obviously a strong need."

"We are thrilled to continue working with LAT Multilingual to engage with our Chinese audiences on social media platforms," said Christopher Richards, Marketing Manager at YVR. "LAT's team has been a great partner for us, providing impeccable service and keeping us informed of best practices in a fast-changing landscape."

YVR already sees high levels of engagement on all its social platforms. However, Chinese communities are typically on different ones and require a dedicated team. Since YVR is committed to actively engage with all travellers, being able to reach the Chinese communities through the most popular Chinese social apps allows the airport to offer a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

To learn more about YVR and LAT's partnership, please read LAT's Case Study.