24 October, 2023

Kamaka Air revitalizes surfing culture for Maui survivors by aiding in the surfboard replacement project

                            In addition to its previous relief efforts of airlifting over 65,000 pounds of supplies to the Lahaina community, Kamaka Air, a regional air freight delivery company serving the State of Hawaii, continues supporting the citizens of Maui after the devastating August 8 wildfire transformed their livelihoods - causing a loss of personal possessions, homes, vehicles and for many, their beloved surfboards.

To the Hawaii community, surfboards are more than material possessions - they offer passage to a way of life embedded in Hawaii’s culture. He’e Nalu, otherwise known as surfing, is a practice that started in Hawaii decades ago. Surfing to the Hawaiian people is a spiritual conception that connects them to the God of the sea.

“Surfing can be a great way for people to heal – ocean therapy, saltwater therapy. The ocean is a healing place,” said Jad Lau, Maui surfboard shaper.

Kamaka Air’s partnership with Lau revitalizes Hawaii’s surfing culture for Maui survivors. The Surfboard Replacement Project is focused on replacing surfboard citizens lost to the fires by using the supplies provided by Na Kama Kai, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth by creating, conducting, and supporting ocean-based programs. So far, Kamaka Air has collected and transported over 80 donated surfboards to Maui.

“We are honored to continue our effort in restoring the Lahaina community in collaboration with Jud Lau and the Surfboard Replacement Project. We extend a special thank you to Liam McNamara, who organized all surfboard donations, and Luke Adolfson, who coordinated offloading all surfboards at Kapalua airport,” says Jim Petrides, President at Kamaka Air.

As Kamaka Air continues its philanthropic efforts in Maui, the Lahaina community further demonstrates its fortitude in reconstructing its livelihoods by riding on a wave of recovery and healing.