15 August, 2023

Typhoon Lan makes landfall in Japan and hundreds of flights cancelled

Hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled
Over 850 flights have been cancelled in Japan with at least 240,000 people ordered to move to safety as a slow-moving typhoon crossed Japan's main island of Honshu.  The storm has also cut off power to thousands of homes and businesses.

Typhoon Lan made landfall early on Tuesday at the southern tip of Wakayama prefecture, Reuters reported, which is around 250 miles southwest of Tokyo. The typhoon cut a wide swathe through central and western Japan as it moved north with strong winds and heavy rain. 

Local authorities have set up evacuation centres in safe buildings and high ground for residents across 11 prefectures that the Fire and Disaster Management Agency had told to seek shelter.

Japan Airlines advised that changes and refunds due to cancellations and delays as a result of Typhoon Lan will be issued without charge. It also advised passengers to check flight status before making arrangements to go to the airports. Most services appear to be returning to normal schedule tomorrow.