26 August, 2023

Aviation Capital Group publishes Environmental, Social and Governance Report report for 2022

Leasing giant Aviation Capital Group has published its second annual Environmental, Social and Governance Report, for the year ended December 31, 2022.

“ACG recognizes that our long-term success is measured by more than our financial performance. It is also determined by our impact on the environment, our engagement with communities in which we live and operate, and the well-being of our people,” said Thomas Baker, CEO and President of ACG. “Sustainability has become a critical part of ACG’s mission and long-term strategy. We have set the foundation and charted our path forward.”

Earlier this year, ACG completed its first sustainability materiality assessment to help inform and shape our ESG strategy. The materiality assessment analyzed sustainability topics, risks and opportunities that are critical to ACG and provided valuable insights into the expectations of our stakeholders. The sustainability materiality matrix developed through this assessment will help guide ACG’s prioritization of sustainability topics while considering stakeholder expectations, with a focus on areas where ACG can create the most value.

“Engaging with our stakeholders remains the cornerstone of our approach to meeting their expectations,” said Gordon Grant, Vice President and Head of ESG at ACG. “The sustainability materiality assessment helped us identify the most important sustainability issues we need to focus on in order for ACG to provide our stakeholders with more meaningful and relevant information."

The ESG Report can be found at www.aviationcapital.com/investors/.