03 August, 2023

Aero Design Labs hits fuel and carbon emission reduction targets with its drag reduction kit for the Boeing 737-800

Aero Design Labs (ADL) has this week reported the results of its in-service data validation aboard a Boeing 737-800 equipped with ADL's proprietary drag reduction kit.

"Over the last several months since the installation and certification of our drag reduction kit on a 737-800 aircraft, we have gathered and studied results from several hundred in-service revenue flights at multiple altitudes, speeds and operating weights to verify the cruise fuel benefit of our kits," said Jeff Martin, ADL President and CEO. "We are delighted to share that we have measured cruise fuel burn reductions of between 1.5 and to 2.0 percent. This is consistent with our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations with results verified by an independent third party."

"With solid fuel reduction data in hand, we can turn our efforts towards assisting airlines around the world," commented Chris Jones, ADL's Chief Commercial Officer. "Whether airlines are looking at saving on the cost side or the carbon reduction side, we have a very relevant product that delivers on both for airlines operating the 737NG family of aircraft. With delivery delays of new aircraft impacting plans for airlines to modernize their fleets, our kit can immediately deliver lower fuel costs and an alternative to carbon offsets. Our teams are actively working on kit designs for other aircraft which will help airlines achieve their cost and carbon reduction goals and build out our portfolio of product offerings."

Our manufacturing partner, NORDAM, will be ramping up production in accordance with customer demand in the second half of 2023 and the process of certifying our 737-800 drag reduction kit with other regional authorities, including in Europe and Latin America will follow accordingly."