03 July, 2023

New ATR42-600 planes add capacity to Loganair routes.

The UK’s largest regional carrier and Scotland's airline Loganair has introduced its first ATR aircraft to Glasgow Airport as part of a multi-million investment programme to upgrade and futureproof its fleet.

The ATR42-600 aircraft are larger, quieter, and more efficient than the Saab 340s planes they are replacing. They will operate on services linking Glasgow with Islay, Benbecula, Sumburgh and Donegal from July, followed by Kirkwall and Derry services from August.

The transition to new ATR aircraft on services at Glasgow heralds the ongoing replacement of the venerable Saab 340s. These have been the mainstay of Loganair’s island services since their introduction in 1999. Some Saab services will continue until the end of the summer before the airline formally bids farewell to the aircraft which have served its Scottish island services for more than 20 years.

Passengers will benefit from an improved cabin experience, including larger overhead luggage storage, four-abreast seating, and a quieter, more comfortable flight. Plus, hese bigger aircraft have Increased hold capacity which will all the carriage of pets and small cargo.

Jonathan Hinkles, CEO, Loganair, said: "This is a major milestone in Loganair’s investment plans to renew our fleet, and it futureproofs the essential air links to Scotland’s island communities which is Loganair’s privilege to serve. Investment in new equipment has been undertaken by Loganair on a purely commercial basis and without recourse to public subsidy."

It is expected that airline SAAB aircraft will operate scheduled flights for the carrier during late September or early October, although this may change depending on operational requirements.