11 July, 2023

Emirates A380 makes emergency landing at London Gatwick following gear issue.

An Emirates Airbus A380 had to make an emergency landing at London Gatwick Airport on Tuesday evening following a fault with its landing gear. 

The aircraft, registration A6-EUN developed a fault whilst operating a flight from Dubai to Gatwick and the crew requested support from emergency services.  According to early reports, a hydraulic leak affected the front landing gear which prompted the crew to conduct an emergency landing. 

The aircraft appears to have come to a halt on the runway but looked slightly uneven and was unable to turn off the runway and needed the support of an airport tug to tow it off the main runway and to a parking stand.

According to a spokesperson at the airport the runway was closed for a short time following the emergency landing and "our team worked to get the plane off the runway as quickly as possible".  A number of other flights were delayed by up to forty-five minutes, however, normal operations have now resumed.