03 July, 2023

Dublin Airport employees data hacked.

The financial information of a number of staff at Dublin Airport has been breached in a cyber attack on Aon, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) reported on Sunday.

"DAA can confirm that as a result of a recent cyber-attack on Aon, a third-party professional service provider, data relating to some employees’ pay and benefits was compromised," a spokesperson said in a statement.

According to various reports, as many as 2000 staff members have had their information hacked as Aon had used the file-transfer software tool MOVEit which had been breached. However,  the exact amount of data has not been released, yet is likely to include such things as bank account numbers, addresses, payroll details and social security numbers. 

It has been reported that the Russian state-backed Cl0p group is responsible for the hack and has threatened to release the details on the dark web. The DAA said it was offering support, advice and assistance to all of the employees impacted by the 'criminal cyber-attack.