19 July, 2023

Corporación América Airports S.A. Reports June 2023 Passenger Traffic

Corporación América Airports S.A, a leading private airport operator in the world, reported today a 32.4% year-on-year (YoY) increase in passenger traffic in June 2023, surpassing pre-pandemic levels of June 2019 by 2.6% for the first time.

Passenger Traffic Overview

Total passenger traffic grew 32.4% compared to the same month of 2022, supported by the ongoing recovery in travel demand after the Covid-19 pandemic and the gradual resumption of routes and frequencies across all countries of operations. Overall passenger traffic reached 102.6% of June 2019 levels, up from 97.9% posted in May, with international and domestic passenger traffic surpassing pre-pandemic levels of June 2019 by 0.7% and 4.2%, respectively.

In Argentina, total passenger traffic continued to recover increasing 36.6% YoY and surpassing pre-pandemic volumes, by 5.9%. International passenger traffic reached 83.1% of pre-pandemic levels, up from the 81.5% recorded in May, while domestic passenger traffic surpassed June 2019 pre-pandemic levels by 15.6%. On April 14, the Company inaugurated a state of the art new departures terminal at Ezeiza Airport, with capacity to serve up to 30 million passengers per year.

In Italy, passenger traffic grew 9.7% versus the same month of 2022. When compared to pre-pandemic levels, total traffic stood at 98.3% of June 2019, slightly up from 97.9% in May. International passenger traffic, which accounted for almost 80% of total traffic, reached 95.7% of June 2019 levels, whereas domestic passenger traffic surpassed pre-pandemic levels by 8.7%.

In Brazil, total passenger traffic increased 32.0% YoY and surpassed, for the first time, pre-pandemic volumes by 2.6%. Domestic traffic, which accounted for almost two thirds of total traffic, surpassed pre-pandemic levels by 6.8%, whereas transit passengers reached 95.1% of June 2019 levels, up from 86.4% in May.

In Uruguay, total passenger traffic, which is largely international, increased 29.1% YoY and reached 85.1% of June 2019 levels, slightly up from 84.4% in May.

In Ecuador, passenger traffic increased 23.4% YoY and surpassed pre-pandemic volumes by 10.1%. Both domestic and international passenger traffic exceeded pre-pand
emic levels by 16.8% and 3.4%, respectively.

In Armenia, passenger traffic increased by 63.7% YoY and surpassed the pre-pandemic levels of June 2019 by 82.4%, thus sustaining a solid recovery trend.

Cargo Volume and Aircraft Movements

Cargo volume increased 6.7% YoY to 88.8% of June 2019 levels, or 89.8% when adjusting for the discontinuation of operations in Peru. Cargo volumes in Armenia, Uruguay and Italy were above pre-pandemic levels, whereas Argentina stood at 88.6%, Brazil at 71.7%, and Ecuador at 68.1%. Almost 70% of cargo volume originated in Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Aircraft movements increased 18.8% YoY and exceeded pre-pandemic levels by 7.5%, or by 12.0% when adjusting for the discontinuation of operations in Peru. All the countries of operations, except Ecuador, exceeded June 2019 pre-pandemic levels. Aircraft movements in Ecuador stood at 99.6%.