01 June, 2023

VIP Aircraft Catering Palatum by Chef Helt Araujo Announces Expansion into Europe

Palatum by Chef Helt Araujo, an Angolan-based VIP aircraft catering services provider, announced the expansion of its service offering to Europe through the opening of a facility in Lisbon by Q3, 2023.  Palatum is part of Grupo CHA, a renowned chain of fine dining restaurants and a VIP catering supplier based in Angola.

"We have been delivering the highest quality ingredients and incomparable standard of gastronomic excellence to our clientele for many years.  Palatum expanded to the VIP aircraft charter market nearly five years ago, and we have since established ourselves as the only provider meeting critical requirements of the top aircraft charter operators in our market," said Chef Helt Araujo, Managing Director of Grupo CHA.  "We have been very fortunate to work with Bestfly in all the markets it serves and to meet the requirements of their top clients.  We are very pleased to be working with Bestfly as our launch point to establish Palatum Europe."

Palatum by Chef Helt Araujo is a subsidiary of Grupo CHA, a renowned restaurant conglomerate based in Angola. Palatum was launched as a service provider specializing in private aviation catering to deliver a meticulously assembled, rigorous, and standardized production line.  

"Bestfly has always looked for the highest level of service from all its suppliers and service providers.  This ensures that we deliver the best VIP charter experience for each one of our clients. Palatum by Chef Helt Araujo has firmly established itself as an ideal partner for this area of our business and we are excited to offer our support for the establishment of Palatum Europe." said Alcinda Pereira, Vice Chair and Executive Director of Bestfly.

Bestfly was established in 2009 as an Angolan company for ground handling services and has since grown into a global aviation group with several new markets and business segments.  The company has expanded its presence from Angola into Aruba, Portugal, Cape Verde, Austria, UAE, Congo, Guyana, and Senegal. Bestfly has assembled a very experienced team to ensure the highest operational standards, organizational efficiency, and commercial agility.

The group's current fleet stands at 27 aircraft based on an assortment of Bombardier, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker and Cessna Citation business jets, Beechraft Kingair turboprops, Leonardo and Bell helicopters, Embraer commercial jets, and ATR72 turboprop aircraft.  The diverse fleet is optimized to serve key commercial markets and long-term contract customers throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Caribbean.