16 June, 2023

Uzbekistan Airways to buy LET L-410

On June 15, 2023, it was signed an agreement on the acquisition of four LET L-410 planes.

The LET L-410 aircraft is designed to carry up to 19 passengers with a landing on almost any type of runway with a length of 510 meters or more.

Uzbekistan Airways aircraft fleet will soon be replenished with a new type of aircrafts. In order to increase the number of flights on domestic routes for the transportation of small groups of passengers, as well as to develop domestic tourism in the Republic, on June 15, 2023, it was signed an agreement at the head office of Uzbekistan Airways for the purchase of turboprop aircraft LET L-410 of the Czech concern LET Aircraft Industries.

Aircraft of the LET L-410 type are designed to carry up to 19 passengers and will be able to provide flights with a range of up to 1,500 kilometres. It is planned that these aircraft will be used on ultra-short runways and will expand the route network within the Republic to such cities as Zarafshan and Shakhrisabz. In the near future, it is planned to restore regular air connection between the cities of Tashkent and Andijan, which will also become possible due to the technical characteristics of the LET L-410 aircraft and the features of the runway of Andijan International Airport.

Today, aircraft of the LET L-410 type are widely used around the world. The national air carrier of the Republic of Uzbekistan plans to purchase up to 4 aircraft of this type, which in the future will provide flights to destinations previously inaccessible to Uzbeks and guests of the capital. In addition, it is planned to organize the initial training of civil aviation pilots on the basis of the Uzbekistan Airways Training Center, during which aircraft of the LET L-410 type will be involved at one of the stages.